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Non capisco

Non capisco

Great app!

Very cool

Very good v1

This is a very good start for this long awaited app. The iPad version is good too. Hoping to doing DWF markups in future releases!

Buzzsaw mobile is awesome!

I love it. Its simple, direct, and gives me what I need when Im not at the computer. Its also amazingly fast (Im using an iPhone 4).


After all this time setting up the app crashes upon accessing files. Ill give it 1 star for its potential.

Doesnt work

It is hard to rate an app that crashes every time I open it. I subscribed to the 30 day trial and this app probably wont work before my trial expires!

it just crashes

well, it seems it crashes every time i try access the file stored on the server. need a fix, please

Crashing seems fixed...but

Tried viewing a revit model....said preview was loading for 20 minutes and I never saw it.... Only a 40mb file...if it cant view that, then its useless


Sample files wont render. Uploaded my own PDFs -- also major rendering problems.

Cant search

I work for a plumbing company that sub-contracts for several home builders. Nice to have access to plans on the go, but without a search feature, it makes finding a specific plan out of hundreds a pain. The desktop app has search, seems like a obvious feature that should be there in the mobile version.

iTunes support

I would like to see this app show up in the iTunes apps window so I could retrieve downloaded files and upload files from my computer. All the cloud support doesnt do a lot of good when my phone is the only thing that has an Internet connection. This goes for the 360 versions as well.


This app is stupid because I cant get past the sign in part.How am I supposed to know site name,username,and password! I love architecture and how am I supposed to do architecture if I love architecture?!

Please update for iPhone 6.

This app has a lot of potential but is lacking in speed. Please provide update for iPhone 6, this phone came out months ago.

Ok for viewing files

This app is ok for file viewing, but it would be realy powerful if I could have some management functioning, invite members, send links, etc.


Will the Autodesk Team ever update this app?? This is a critical app that works, however doesnt work well and is extremely outdated! It doesnt even have support for newer devices as far as screen size. How about an update, more features, markups, measurements, anything!


Yeah. Long overdue

Useless --> 4 years out of date

Wont make a connection with the server and therefor unable to connect. Perhaps its due to the app being absurdly outdated and obviously abandoned by AutoDesk. As you can see, it hasnt been updated for nearly 4 YEARS... AutoDesk: You do realize that people still use this product and that we just *might* need access to it while away from our computers (say like... during a plan check meeting and the examiner needs a form that was just uploaded to the site by an architect - Kinda like what happened to me today). Horribly Disappointed.

Old and Outdated

This app functions okay to a certain degree, but it lacks the support for anything larger than a iPhone 4s. A new modern refresh would make this app 100x better.

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